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Starting a long-distance relationship... and keeping it! Part 1
Long Distance Relationship
Starting a long-distance relationship... and keeping it! Part 1
June 15, 2021
1 min


Has this happened to you in your LDR? It sure happened to me. Part one.

You try to start your LDR on the right foot, you're on one of your regular video chats, and...

Then suddenly it happens...

Silence. A few seconds seems an eternity.

For many, the worst part of talking online is that there isn't room for silence. You can't just cuddle staying silent if you don't have any more to say the video call is over.

It doesn't have to happen to you

Here, finally, you'll learn simple secrets the most successful LDR couples use... including “super-advanced” skills, know-how, and techniques, such as...

  • How to reduce and manage the “long-distance blues” and totally avoid being an emotional mess
  • How to re-ignite emotional communication lines when you've been apart for long periods of time
  • How to finally experience more frequent, more intense, and more pleasurable

And that's just a small taste of what's in store for you in this series of blogs I will write for you.

Look, when you're developing your long-distance relationship, you don't have much more to build your relationship than with what you see and hear.

You do without a critical physical touch from your partner – and it's currently physically impossible during your LDR.

We are very close to changing the physical part for you

We will release SenzyBee remote touch. That will help rejuvenate and even revive difficult LDRs – and make smooth working ones more fun.

Now, opportunities to talk are precious and important because LDR couples have fewer chances to talk compared to couples living in the same city or living together.

Let's focus on communicating with your significant other, plus a few related issues because “peak” communication can take your LDR to a new level of satisfaction.

Now, you and I know being in a long-distance relationship is hard at times and it can get to you. 

With the right techniques, it can be very successful

I'm proof of this. Because my husband, Ben, is working in London and I'm with our son Eric and working in Budapest a thousand miles away – and we met the challenge even with Borders closed due to Covid.

Yes, we talk less often than when we are together. But we make sure each interaction is deeper, more emotionally satisfying, and enjoyable.

As a professional psychologist, I made sure we developed the communications skills and habits that make our relationship very successful in the long run.

We base our LDR conversations on the foundation of emotional intimacy. We share deep feelings.

Now, that can be challenging when you're physically separated by many miles. But if you face and deal with the challenge, you can use it to your advantage.

Let me explain, in an LDR your most effective communication is limited – primarily to video calls – so it's important to communicate well.

All relationships experience misunderstandings, and this can be doubly so in an LDR. As a result, you want to be clear and ask questions until you fully understand what is being communicated.

It's a good idea to think in advance and write down what your current concerns are and the questions you want to ask. It's easy to forget them when you have a limited number of conversation times available.

Because waiting until the next call opportunity can be stressful. And asking important or sensitive questions via email or text can easily lead to major misunderstandings because of their limited ability to communicate from a lack of tone, emotion, and “metra-talk.”

This wraps up part one. Stay in touch for parts two and three, where we'll cover...

  • The “communication trigger” secret I discovered accidentally that makes each communication more satisfying and pleasurable
  • Step-by-step tips to reduce stress and frustration in your long-distance relationship
  • The seven most important questions to ask early on to bump the odds of success – compiled by a rare study of LDR couples (part two will cover the first three – the rest in part three)...

… and much more. Simply join our newsletter here.

Wishing you greater LDR success.



SenzyBee Psychologist

I live in a long distance relationship with my husband and our two children. I'm developing new techniques such as “distance touch adaption” to make your (and my) LDR more enjoyable and successful


Eleven years providing life therapy-counselling
Plus supporting HR relations for businesses
Hobbies: archery and heavy metal/rock concerts

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