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Long-distance love is just a lovely thought away
Long Distance Relationship
Long-distance love is just a lovely thought away
June 15, 2021
1 min

And the touch plus video chat challenge can take it to the next level...

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you or your partner...

  • You often think of things you'll be doing together once your significant other is back in your arms... 
  • You think of special times, maybe just something cute or kinda dumb you had together...
  • Sometimes you feel like you have the most understanding, patient, helpful, and supportive partner ever, despite being many miles apart he or she often makes you feel happy and secure!

I've felt all of these at one time or another. And sometimes it can be a challenge to repeat that feeling after being apart for a while.

You and/or your significant other have probably had similar feelings from your LDR. 

I imagine you got a good feeling right now as you think of them.

You know what, I grew to love those precious moments – together physically or not – they're the kind of memories that make for a good relationship.

Because they meant we could be together emotionally despite the distance

And they set the stage for lovely times together whenever the distance closes.

Locate those thoughts, feel them again, and with enough love, you can make your LDR work even through the most challenging times – like if Covid or who knows what is keeping you apart for waaay too long.

No matter what happens during your day, your LDR will go smoother and will work.

And soon, you'll be able to make your LDR even better!

Imagine, you're video chatting with your SO, you can feel his or her touch. Your SO can feel your touch, all in real-time

Closing the distance a little bit.

All to make more enjoyable memories you can bring back to make your day a little easier.

This is what we're working on for you to be able to do.

It's called remote touch combined with video chat.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

This is our challenge, bringing it to you. Soon it will be a reality.

And soon thereafter it will be better and better.

We’ll get into how to use “the touch plus video chat challenge” to advance your LDR in future blogs.


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Wishing you greater LDR success.



Founder of SenzyBee

Developer of 50+ apps. Lived in a LDR for a few years between Budapest and Helsinki EU. Interested in how to simulate physical touch so you can have some fun. Love to swim and meditate.


Physical touch simulation
Mobile App and Messaging system development
Serial entrepreneur

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