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I Miss You
Long Distance Relationship
I Miss You
June 15, 2021
1 min

Three pleasant surprises that make a big difference in your LDR

Have you ever felt anxious about your long-distance relationship?
That little voice inside your head, the one thinking all the stuff going on and can happen.
Specifically. The one where you miss your partner so much.
You haven't been together for weeks, maybe months or more.
I've been there, so I know EXACTLY how you feel.

Just one sentence...
...one word...
one touch could be the difference between feeling happy or feeling sad.
You and I both know, on the one hand, we might be prepared to wait as long as it takes to be back in the arms of our SO. On the other hand, every moment together is so precious that we are willing to do a great deal to shorten the time apart and close the distance.
We constantly battle the willingness to wait with the effort to wait, with the effort to make the wait more manageable.

That's why you need regular video chats, messenger, phone, date times, positive attitude, and more. 

Most of us already do those things, and they help a lot.

But there are three things most people don't do

..., that make your LDR much easier and add a little fun.


When was the last time you wrote an old-fashioned paper letter, sent 'pony express' to your partner?

I've done this and it works great.

Something about a handwritten physical letter that feels special. It's a nice little thing that can last. 

It can make you feel happy. Every time you hold it in your hand, read it, and touch it you can get a happy feeling.

OK, you may do this one. Let me congratulate you, you're in the minority. Read on, you may be able to up the feeling you generate by a notch or two...

Perhaps you can draw some pictures of good times you had, or will have together. 

You can ask your partner some things about him or her that you can write about.

Writing something unexpected can give it an interesting twist.

Also, your partner can read it back to you during your next video chat. It's cute and fun.


Just show up unexpectedly.

This one is tricky, does take some effort, and has some risk. It would be smart to have some help from a friend or relative of your partner – just to keep everything on track.

One way is to set up a video chat date time at a certain location for a special occasion (a birthday, Christmas, anniversary can ensure plenty of advance time). 


You video chat from the same location as your partner... as your partner realizes you're nearby and hunts you down like a kid in an Easter egg hunt.

Some couples have done this very successfully.


Imagine feeling your loved one's touch in real-time when you're apart.

This one I'm sure you don't do because it's not quite available.

Picture this, as you touch, your partner feels your touch in real-time even though you're miles and miles apart.

This is what SenzyBee will allow you to do with your SO in the near future.

Lotsa fun awaits

Feel free to sign up for our newsletter – if you haven't already. You'll be among the first to experience remote touch to make your LDR a little easier and more fun. 

Sign up here, it's free.

Wishing you greater LDR success.




Co-founder of SenzyBee

I've been in LDRs for many years - LA/San Francisco, later California/Budapest. I'd like you to enjoy your LDR, feeling physical contact to relive happy mes. That's what SenzyBee is about.


Committed to seeing LDRs succeed
Owned or consulted businesses in 45+ industries
Took a business from $0 to $15 million in revenue

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