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Can tech and science solve the “overlooked curse” of long distance relationships?
Long Distance Relationship
Can tech and science solve the “overlooked curse” of long distance relationships?
May 14, 2021
1 min

Let me ask you, what does your Significant Other's touch mean to you?

  • Caring?
  • Love?
  • Closeness?
  • Pleasure?
  • Happiness?
  • Joy?
  • Energy?
  • Togetherness?
  • Cutsieness?

I bet any of these puts a smile on your face. But touch does even more…

Michelangelo said to touch is to give life. Plato believed something similar. As did Hippocrates, Aristotle, the Buddha, Rene Descartes, Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin, also the Dalai Lama.

And more than 120 research studies prove the benefits of touch.

Still, there is one benefit of touch we often overlook.

Touch strengthens your immune system.

You've probably felt more emotional stress when you were apart from your significant other for more than a few days.

A research study by Carnegie Mellon University of 404 adults found that those with more touch were less likely to get sick.

Positive touch releases serotonin and oxytocin which has also been linked to immune system improvement.

Neuroscientist Edmund Rolls found that when you touch someone you activate the frontal cortex – the site of reward and compassion.

Studies show touch signals safety and trust. Basic friendly touch reduces cardiovascular stress. It releases the love hormone oxytocin.

Touching premature babies increases weight gained by 47%.

Scientists are discovering specific neurons in the skin which process information about touch – and the immune response is right there in the skin. Which is probably why touch makes you live longer. Touch is essential for social well being.

Lack of touch is the “overlooked curse” of long distance relationships…

You deserve touch to be happy and healthy

I can relate to life’s challenges. Because I’m with my son Eric and am working in Budapest, my husband Laci works in London.

So, how do you touch your significant other when you're apart? Hugging a pillow and the memory of his or her touch are nice, but usually fall short.

Now there's something better to spice up your long distance relationship

Imagine for a moment being able to physically touch when you're apart. Imagine making your long distance relationship closer, a little easier, more enjoyable and satisfying.

Soon you can be one step closer to spicing up your relationship by feeling his direct touch. SenzyBee allows you to feel your partner's physical touch, no matter how far apart you are.

Let’s make your next long distance date as spicy as possible.

Stay tuned. The “overlooked curse” is coming to an end soon.

See you in two weeks via my blog.




SenzyBee Psychologist

I live in a long distance relationship with my husband and our two children. I'm developing new techniques such as “distance touch adaption” to make your (and my) LDR more enjoyable and successful


Eleven years providing life therapy-counselling
Plus supporting HR relations for businesses
Hobbies: archery and heavy metal/rock concerts

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Imagine your partner tickles you from a distance
Imagine your partner tickles you from a distance
May 14, 2021
1 min
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